Provocation faced by working parents

Provocation faced by working parents

“I am done with the glass of milk”- told 5-year-old Rohan to Mala who is his caretaker. Rohan is a single child of an urban parent. Every day it has become a difficult task for Mala to feed Rohan because he doesn’t want to eat his meal without his parent’s presence and it took a lot of pain to accomplish the task by Mala. This story is not limited to a single-family but it is the same case of every working parent especially in a nuclear family. In the need to fulfill the financial commitments, parents usually compromise with their child by not spending ample time with them thus making a feeble bond. Parents are not only responsible for their child’s education but also responsible for the overall development of the personality of their child. Thus they should balance their work in such a way that they must have time to spend with their child.

Here the list of best tips for parents to balance their work schedule and get time to spend with their child.

The best way to spend time with your child is to engage him or her in a household activity which should be in the capacity of your child. This can be understood with an easy example- thus you water your garden every week, now this is the time that you should give your child to water the field and also give the task of checking the flowers and reporting it to you. What this can do is that it will engage your child in an activity and also helps him/her in taking the responsibility for the work from an early age by making him a responsible person for the future, just keep in mind that not to force your child for any work and also delegate new task with advent of time. The next thing is that as a parent you should take an interest in your child’s education in his English medium school. It can be his drawing, participation in a school activity, etc. The other thing can be done is taking your child for outing and educating him by visiting historical heritage, playground and amusement park.

Thus it is not necessary that as a parent you should only focus on admitting your child to a top school or an international school but also making him or she learn basic etiquettes from your home. As a parent, we have the notion that getting our child to top English medium school affiliated by icse and isc board is enough but it is our responsibility to kick starts their career with basic knowledge imparted from the house. Thus in Kolkata most working parents usually send their child to good boarding school but during vacation, they should develop a strong bond with their child.

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