Signs to Ascertain the Right Preschool Age for your Child.

Signs to Ascertain the Right Preschool Age for your Child.

Many of us as a parent are not aware or never thought about what should be the actual preschool age for our child should be. Over the years in our society, we all have developed this notion that if a child crosses the age limit of 2 or 2.5 years then it is the high time for their child to be ready to go to school and this especially occurs in the case of English medium school students where children are sent to kindergarten school at an early age so that they should get habituated with the education environment but do you know the actual age for your child to be ready for preschool varies from child to child.

Yes! You heard it right and if you have a child and you really wanted to know whether your child is ready for preschool then this article is for you as I will explain you the factors to judge the right parameters for your child correct age to be ready for the school in the following steps:

  • Fear of Separation: As a parent we all know that a child has its best bonding with his parents so when he or she is introduced to a school then they had to get separated from their parents for a certain period of time thus, this creates a sense of fear of separation among your child which make your child tensed and he cries thus this indication will show you that your child is not ready for the school. Other factors to judge which shows an indication that your child is not ready can be not sleeping without your presence, fear to be alone, nightmares of getting separated from the parent, peeing on the bed, making excuses while going school, showing temper and pleading for not going to school.
  • Napping time: If your child takes a nap in the afternoon on a regular basis then your child is not ready for the school because he will not be active to do the activity in his classroom, as a parent it is our responsibility that you should change his timing of sleep.
  • The clarity in voice: If your child stammer or stutter and you are the only one who could understand his language then your child is not ready for the school.
  •  Interpersonal skills: If your child has the ability to mix with other children, communicate well, get used to the environment then only you should send your child to school or else not. You can train him for 6 months and make him prepare for school.
  • Scheduled time for Nature’s Call: Many children don’t follow a scheduled time for the loo, if your child has this type of nature then he is not ready and you need to make him habituated with a particular time especially in the early morning.

Thus you need to consider all the above steps before sending him to a school because if you want to send your child to a top school then he should possess these qualities.

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